Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fornax Vol. 2 - Update #4

Hi again,

Back our regularly scheduled weekly updates, for this week it'll be small back sweet. We have another teaser image for you all to enjoy done by none other than Zakuman and his contribution to the "Celebrity" section of the mag: Kasumi Goto.

Again we apologise for the delay and release of the mag, but we're insuring the best possible quality that we can provide for your viewing pleasure.

See you all next week and keep those entries coming!!

-Fornax Team


  1. Dec 4th? Are you insane? There are tons of new artworks, instead of waiting for artists to send in their deviations you better should ask them if you can use them. Half of them will be old and well known anyway once Vol2 ships. Seriously why?

  2. Indeed, December 4th seems to be a bit too much, Im tempted to just publish the written work I did for this because Im not even sure if it will even be published in the next one, So why wait the entire time for it to be published to find out I havent?

  3. Just to clarify, whatever artists or writers submit is what's being put into the mag, waiting a bit more time for a FREE item isn't so bad considering. As a side note: we are doing this on our own time.

  4. Sorry If I sounded a bit harsh, I did not mean to, I just really want to put my work out there and show it out on my own sites, but dont want to ruin it for people who will be reading the mag to find my work there