Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fornax Vol. 2 - Update #4

Hi again,

Back our regularly scheduled weekly updates, for this week it'll be small back sweet. We have another teaser image for you all to enjoy done by none other than Zakuman and his contribution to the "Celebrity" section of the mag: Kasumi Goto.

Again we apologise for the delay and release of the mag, but we're insuring the best possible quality that we can provide for your viewing pleasure.

See you all next week and keep those entries coming!!

-Fornax Team

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fornax Vol. 2 - Update #3

Hi folks!

Apologies if it took some time to give the update, I've been having some trouble with my PC and will unfortunately have to push back the release and thus the  submission deadline to December 4th 2011 so if anyone was finding the previous deadline a bit tight, we've added 2 more months to it.

On a related note, artists or writers submitting material, what website/name would you like to be in the credits? (please send an e-mail)

But as promised here's an update of the progress of Fornax. Below are profile concept for a Blue Suns series that be featured in the mag: Kathlyn and her turian partner Taillan.

As an additional surprise, several contributors have submit teaser images for you all to enjoy, here they are below:

Thanks for the support, Keep those entires coming! 

-Fornax Team.