Q & A

Here's a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What is fornax?
A: Originally Fornax was an Easter egg item within Mass Effect 2 which you can find in the shops of Omega. Here's the original description of the mag within that game:


Launched in 2167, Fornax magazine described itself as "the galaxy's finest xenophilia". Fornax became the first human magazine to offer full five-sensory stimulation, a previously-unaffordable magazine technology made profitable by the economy of scale. With a monthly publishing run of 127 million available in both in hard-copy and direct download, Fornax offers a range of alien models with particular emphasis on the unisexual asari, although both genders of quarians, drell, batarians, and volus are regularly depicted. Specialty editions such as Genit-elcor and Krogasm service devoted but smaller markets.

What we've created was a real fan made counterpart for the adult audience to view. All artwork are submitted by fans of the Mass Effect franchise.

Q: How is this distributed?
A: We compile all the artwork and text into a .PDF file. Since the file is large, we uploaded to a file sharing site and provide the link.

Q: Do the artists get paid for this?
A: No we don't, and we will not be charging for the mag either, it's free for everyone. We're doing this because we are fans of the franchise and this is one way of expressing our love for it.

Q: Will all our your submission be put into the mag?
A: Unfortunately no, we have a certain amount of restrictions, either due to time constraints or page formatting.

Q: Why was everything taken down as soon as the interview got published?
A: The interview in question is found here: Casey Hudson interview (second video)
The was a number of not obvious reason we took everything down temporarily, but or main one was because this is the first time a head of a game franchise in North America actually mentions an adult fan related project to the general public. The intended target was the art loving crowd knowing what this magazine was about. Now that the smoke has cleared, we can now think clearly and resume our work.