Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fornax Vol. 2 - Update #6

So finally we have an update by ultamisia. This is from his first series that will be showcased within Fornax Vol.2: Dawn of the Blue Suns. This was an idea that was brewing sins Volume 1, but due to time constraints it was never realised.  But it's going to be in Volume 2!!! Below is the intro page. hope you enjoy!

P.S.As a little bonus, here's the background that was created for the series.
Keep those submissions coming!! catch you later!

-Fornax Team.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fornax Vol. 2 - Update #5

Howdy folks!

Here's another tantalizing update by Zakuman; some of additional material and concepts he'll be providing for the mag. Hope you all enjoy and trust me, the wait will be worth it! Just as a side note, yes you will see some updates by Ultamisia....sooner then later we hope :D

See you all next week and keep those entries coming!!

-Fornax Team